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Post and Rail Fence.....

Locust Posts Can Last 80 To 90 Years......No Other Wood Product Can Make This Claim!


Black Locust Split Rail Fence is known for its strength and durability. Locust Split Rail Fence posts have long been made from the very hard, strong and heavy wood of the Black Locust tree. Black Locust Split Rail Fence has greenish-yellow tint when first cut which deepens to a golden color over time.


Split Rail Fence has a rustic appearance. Each post and rail is hand cut and slightly different in size and shape. Locust Posts and Hardwood Rails makes this combination ideal for agricultural use or defining boundary lines. Locust Split Rail Fence is also one of, if not the easiest styles of fence to install


Unlike PVC or board fence, horses often "kick" boards or rails off the posts. Our fence rails interlock into the posts, solving this problem. Black Locust wood is very heavy, very hard, exceedingly strong and stiff, and has very high shock resistance. Locust is extremely resistant to rot, decay and termites.