Locust Split Rail Fence

At Wholesale Prices! ........(Yes....We Sell To The Public)

Locust Posts Can Last 80 To 90 Years!

Horse Fencing Post and Rail Fence

3 Rail Black Locust Fence

Line Posts At 10' 4" On Centers

Two Line Posts Can Be Used To Make Corners

One Line Post Can Be Used As End Post

Split Rail Fence - Farm Fence

Black Locust Split Rail Fence

Available in 2, 3 or 4 Rails


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Locust Fence Posts For Sale

Posts have Galvanized Steel

Staple For Additional Stability

Mill split rail fence

Large Rail Ends For

Additional Strength

4 Rail Split Rail Fence Four Rail Fence 4 Rail Split Rail Fence

4 Rail Fence System - 5' High To Top Rail

 Easily Installed On Level Ground - Or Steep Inclines

Loader Split Rail Fence Cutter Split Rail Fence Control Split Rail Fence 100 count rail - split rail fence

- Easy Installation -

4 Rail Split Rail fence        Horse Fence

Drill your post hole, set your end or corner post.

Installing Split Rail Fence        Farm Fence

Install your rails from the bottom up to lock into posts, no screws or nails.

Horse Fence      Post and Rail Fence

Plumb & backfill posts, Enjoy your Locust Split Rail Fence for years to come.

Lowes Split Rail Fence You Can Achieve Any Fence Angle You Need By
Installing 2 Line Posts
 In The Same Hole
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Facts On Black Locust Posts

(Source: US Forest Products Laboratory)

HARDWOODS Crushing Strength Shear Strength
Black Locust 10,180 PSI 2,480 PSI
Oak White 7,440 PSI 2,000 PSI
SOFTWOODS Crushing Strength Shear Strength
Cedar/Western Red 4,560 PSI 990 PSI
Pine - White 4,800 PSI 900 PSI

Split Rail Fence Specifications

Post Description Weight Approx. Sixe Hole Spacing
2 Hole Line 48 Lbs 3" x 6" x 72" (6') 16" on center
2 Hole End & Corner 48 lbs 4" x 4" x 72" (6') 16" on center
3 Hole Line 55 Lbs 3" x 6" x 84" (7') 16" on center
3 Hole End & Corner 55 Lbs 4" x 4" x 84" (7') 16" on center
4  Hole Line 75 Lbs 3" x 6" x 96" (8') 16" on center
4 Hole End & Corner 75 Lbs 4" x 4" x 96" (8') 16" on center


Rail Description Weight Average Girth Approx. Size Bundle Weight
11' Fence Rail 31 Lbs 13" - 14" Triangular 3000 Lbs
1500 Pound Bundles Available - Ask Your Estimator For Details



Split Rail Fence -2 Rail  Split Rail Fence -3 Rail  Split Rail Fence - 4 Rail 
2 Rail Isometric
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3 Rail Isometric
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4 Rail Isometric
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